Valentina Mazzoli

PostDoctoral Fellow

Curriculum vitae

Fast dynamic MRI of the joints

Dynamic MRI of moving joints is a promising technique for detection of movement abnormalities that are overlooked in conventional static MRI scans, but is hampered by sub-optimal image contrast. I developed a simple method based on bSSFP sequences to automatically separate water and fat component in dynamic imaging of the knee, leading to a better visualization of ligaments and cartilage during motion. I have also developed a 4D accelerated imaging protocol that is robust towards imperfections in the execution of the motion task, therefore making it suitable to orthopedic patients and subjects that due to pain cannot precisely follow a constant motion pattern. We are currently investigating wether a fast dynamic scan can add diagnostic value to conventional static MRI for the evaluation of joint instability.


Accelerated 4D self-gated MRI of tibiofemoral kinematics

Valentina Mazzoli, Jasper Schoormans, Martijn Froeling, Amj Sprengers, Bram Coolen, Nico Verdonschot, Gustav Strijkers, Aart J Nederveen

NMR in Biomedicine, vol. 30(11), 2017 Sep 31

Water and fat separation in real-time MRI of joint movement with phase-sensitive bSSFP

Valentina Mazzoli, Aart J. Nederveen, Jos Oudeman, Andre Sprengers, Klaas Nicolay, Gustav J. Strijkers, Nico Verdonschot

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, vol. 78(1), 2017 May 30, pp. 58-68